"What's with the name?" you ask.

Fast Friends Fungi - Superfood Mushroom Tinctures

If you hang around mushroom lovers long enough, you'll hear one of us geeking out about the mycelial network.

You see right now, beneath your very feet, mycelium is running. Fungi are quite literally forming a "wood wide web" that allows plants and trees to communicate and connect with one another.

(If you haven't seen Fantastic Fungi, stop right now and go watch it!)

Now, back to the mycelial network.

In early 2023, I went to Guatemala to learn how to grow mushrooms at the Fungi Academy. What began simply as a quest to learn more about mushroom cultivation became soooo much more.

During this week-long course, I got to know students from all over the world...China, Russia, Chile, Hong Kong, Guatemala, Mexico, and all over the USA.

While we were busy learning how to DIY a mushroom lab, inoculate and incubate things, and turn grain spawn into beautiful fruiting (mushroom) bodies, we were also becoming friends.

In the span of just one week, the relationships that we were developing were deep, meaningful, and truly profound.

We became Fast Friends.

Brought together by our shared love of all things fungi, we became (real) fast friends.

You see, the mycelium doesn't just connect the plants and trees. It connects us humans, too.

Think of mushrooms as your fungal allies. They are here to help support your health and well-being. They're also here to help you deepen your connection to yourself, others, and our planet.

Mush Love,

Hilary Johnson

Mushroom Mama

Fast Friends Fungi

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