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Fast Friends Fungi

Super Stack Bundle

Super Stack Bundle

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Elevate your health & wellness with this Super Stack bundle that includes our entire family superfood mushroom tinctures! Lion's ManeTurkey TailReishiRed Belted Conk PolyporeCordyceps, and a Mountain Mushroom Blend to cover all your bases! 


Our superfood mushroom tinctures are:

  • Triple Extracted - We use this best-in-class method to unlock the active compounds hidden deep within the cellular walls of the mushroom.
  • Fruiting Body Only - We only extract our tinctures from fruiting bodies, because they have a significantly higher amount of beneficial compounds compared to the mycelium.
  • Sustainably Sourced - We work with experienced mushroom farmers who do right by the people, planet, and our fungal friends.
  • Made with Love - Everything is energy, so we bring good vibes and thoughtful care to the entire production & shipping process.
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